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Fixing your Smile and Other Dental Problems

 Full and Partial restorations and reconstructions allow Mid-Valley Dental to fully rebuild worn, broken down teeth to ideal proportions and function. For many of our patients, years of mismatched crowns, fillings, and other dental work can change the bite so significantly, that the teeth work poorly even causing TMD (Temporamandibular joint disorder), a very debilitating arthritic jaw joint disease.
For others, years of grinding and wear have left the teeth short and flat. With FMR (Full Mouth Restoration), not only are the teeth and bite restored, but also mid-face wrinkles or deep lines can be eliminated. Mid-face lines around the nose and mouth can be caused by a collapsed bite and worn down teeth. FMR rebuilds the teeth and bite which in turn supports and fills in the mid-face tissues and thereby giving a young look to the face.

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